Makeup Wars - My Favorite Cruelty Free Products featuring Inglot

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Back in April (I know.. sorry) I went to


and had the pleasure of finally being able to see and swatch

INGLOT Cosmetics

first hand. To say I about lost my mind with love would be putting it mildly. Because I went on PRO night I was able to play around and swatch everything without a huge crowd. The next day when I went back I had intended to buy even more, but they were surrounded about 100 deep on each side, so I steered clear.

Needless to say, my lemming list is large with this one, so I thought it would be perfect to feature for this Makeup Wars as one of my Favorite Cruelty Free brands!

At the show I purchased the 10 Eye Shadow Square Palette Freedom System and picked 10 shades. I also purchased Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel 89 and the 30T liner brush (not pictured) and the previously reviewed the Nail Polish in 201.

(L-R: 64, 340, 423, 06, 31)


(L-R: 482, 422, 12, 397, 344, 89 Eyeliner Gel)


These shadows are all amazing. I swatched them all above dry and without a primer on my arm. Even the matte shades offer silky and gorgeous pigment. They blend beautifully and actually last the whole day on my oily lids, even without a primer.

The Freedom System is awesome because you can choose your own palette of shades. I love this because I love neutral colors, but also like to be able to kick up the color every once in awhile. My only dislike about the Freedom System is that it's not easy to get the shadows out once you place them in the palette. So make sure you know where they need to go before you place them in, or you'll end up like me and start accidentally damaging product and using choice language.

Here are a few eye looks I did using the above Inglot shadows:

(Inglot shades used - 422, 64, 340, 31 and 397)


(Inglot shades used - 31, 344 and 397 blended over 89 Eyeliner Gel at the lash line)


You can purchase Inglot Cosmetics on the website or at one of their stores.

Of course, INGLOT isn't my only fave cruelty free brand! I also love Urban Decay, IT Cosmetics, Murad, Tarte... the list is certainly a lot bigger than what you'd imagine.

What are some of your favorite Cruelty Free products and brands? Click on the icons below to see what the other Makeup Wars Bloggers love!