Makeup Wars - My 2013 Holiday Wish List

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Last year when the Makeup Wars bloggers did Wish Lists I concentrated on beauty items. This year I'm working on my entire Christmas Wish List from beauty to fashion.. and maybe a little bit of techie stuffs. Those are basically the categories I obsess over, and Christmas is the time I can cross my fingers and hope for the best and actually have a 50% chance of that happening.

Makeup Wars Holiday Wish List

The number one item on my wish list this year is a MacBook Pro (*cough* Amazon Wishlist *cough*. This particular wish is likely not going to happen happen. It's pricey and not really necessary. I do fine with my PC but I could achieve another level of blogging with the MacBook, and also be able to blog from somewhere a lot more private and quiet than the family computer. I've been hitting up websites that are doing giveaways and entering for one but so far, no dice!

(photo via Amazon)


Next, jewelry. Let's get real, who doesn't want jewelry for Christmas? What I usually get from my kiddies is an item from Tiffany & Co. My not-so-subtle "hint" was for this piece - The Three Key Pendant. I love the different metals. It's on a 16" chain but I'd love if it were on an 18" or 20" chain, since I'd like something like keys to hang a little lower.

(photo via Tiffany & Co)


Here's another that I'm 99% sure won't happen, the Burberry House Check Crossbody. I lust it... and it's not that much... right =\

(photo via Nordstrom)


On to beauty! Finally, right?!

Sherrieblossom - the ICEbOX Shorty Skinny. You may remember that I reviewed the ICEbOX Wide back in August. Well, it was pretty full then and nothing else is fitting in there at this point. This other one is slightly smaller and I can put it on my vanity to keep the things I reach for the most even more handy. The Shorty Skinny is currently sold out on the website, but I'm hoping I can get my hands on it for the holiday season! *fingers crossed*

(photo via Sherrieblossom)

Holiday Beauty Wish List

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