Makeup Wars ~ Favorite Oil Featuring Agadir Argan Oil

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Confession. I really haven't been one to jump on the whole Argan Oil thing. The roots of my hair get extremely greasy without the help of extra oils, and it seems even if I only apply a little at the ends it travels up and settles in my roots. Reverse gravity is something very real when it comes to hair.

Although skeptical, I had heard great things about the Agadir Argan Oil line. Rave reviews from other bloggers, actually. It's because of this that I gave the products a go, and haven't looked back.

These products are fabulous. No grease-ball head, just smooth and silky goodness. Even the ends of my hair looked nourished. After just one use of the shampoo ($20.00)/conditioner ($21.00) set I noticed a difference and the hair treatment oil ($25.00) is better than any other I've used. With the finishing spray you have to be careful not to over-use, but it really aids in holding the style and beating the stuffing out of humidity. I am in love, lust... enamored... somebody hold me up.


Obviously, I've learned my lesson. Not all Argan Oils are created equal and when you find the one that's right for you it will be amazing!

To purchase Agadir products, visit the website to find a salon or distributor near you.