Makeup Wars - My Biggest Beauty Blogger Enablers

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For this installment of Makeup Wars we're focusing on our Biggest Beauty Blogger Enablers. This list can end up being pretty extensive, so I'm making it all about my top threefour nine #sorrynotsorry.

With just about every post that I publish here on Blushing Noir I get someone telling me I'm an enabler. So much so, that I'll reply with #TeamEnable because at some point it's got to trend, right? All my life when I'd go shopping with friends they would tell me I'm so bad to shop with because they spend so much money. I can justify any purchase and if I can't, then it's definitely not worth it.

Biggest Beauty Blogger Enablers

Now it's time to introduce you to my biggest enablers!!

All Lacquered Up. I didn't need the two Spring polishes from Chanel. Surely there are dupes somewhere. They just looked so beautiful... I had to pull the trigger. I also entered the world of JINsoon polishes because of Michelle. Her swatches are so clear that I'm always drooling.

Phyrra. I don't think there is one person on this Earth that has me buying up Tarte and Urban Decay like Courtney. Her swatches are fan-freakin-tastic and she does bold looks like no ones business.

Vampy Varnish. Kelly is the first blogger I found that had great swatches and the closest skin tone to my own. I am not embarrassed to admit I stalk her blog for the latest and greatest.

Perilously Pale. Christa is up in Canada and always seems to have pics and swatches of the lines before we even get press about them here in the US. I love to stalk her site for the latest on Dior, YSL, Guerlain and more!

Pink Sith. Elvira is the queen of taupe. I love taupe. No brainer... and her stories that she includes are completely attention grabbing and hilarious. This is probably the only blog where I read the entire post word for word.

Nouveau Cheap. Gianna is always posting the deals and before I read her blog I never even though about purchasing drugstore makeup. Now, some of my favorite products are drugstore! If you can tell in the main pic above (which is of recent purchases that need photographed) it's all Milani, Maybelline and Wet n Wild!!!

Raeview. Rae is so wonderful for enabling. She's fabulous at blogging, YouTube and enabling! I don't even want to admit to you how much money this girl has made me spend. If you don't think you need the latest collections from Tom Ford and Chanel then you need to watch her channel because she'll do a tutorial and have you buying everything.

Cafe Makeup. Liz and Amy are a mother/daughter team who have amazing style and impeccable taste. I venture to their site for Chanel, Dior, NARS, Guerlain... you name it. And to also live vicariously through them when there are pics up of trips to Paris.

The Beauty Look Book. Sabrina takes wonderful pics and always does comparisons of high end items. You would think the fact that there is a dupe out there would have me saying "I don't need that" but because of BLB I totally do. This girl has me buying $60.00 candles, you guys.

BTW, I started this post thinking I'd do my top three enablers and it ended up with nine. Then when I went to bed last night I thought of a few more. What a never ending post, I'm so sorry you guys. Not really.

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