Make Up For Ever BLACK TANGO PALETTE Swatches, Review, & EOTD

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While you may not be able to do the ACTUAL Tango, Make Up For Ever has made it quite easy to at least LOOK like you can. Facially, anyway.

Featuring Aqua Creams in three jewel toned shades and one highlight, the Black Tango Palette is a limited edition and sultry must-have for Fall/Winter 2012.

What the Sephora website has to say about the MUFE Black Tango Palette:


What it is:
A decorated eye shadow palette inspired by MAKE UP FOR EVER’s founder and creative director, Dany Sanz’s, love of Argentine Tango dancing.

What it does:
Black Tango Palette features four limited-edition, sultry shades of Aqua Cream, a smudge-proof cream eye shadow that will not crease or fade. These ultra creamy, highly pigmented shadows are rich shades of black with luminous jewel tone highlights as well as ivory. The sleek, lace-embellished compact features a mirror and double-ended nylon brush for easy application on the go.

This set contains:
- 4 x 0.05 oz Aqua Cream in Black with Red Highlights, Black with Green Highlights, Black with Blue Highlights, Ivory
- Double Ended Brush

Black Tango features four exclusive shades of Aqua Cream - Black with Red Highlights, Black with Green Highlights, Black with Blue Highlights, and Ivory.


Aqua Creams are touted as being waterproof and immovable. 'Tis true! They work well on their own and make an overly amazing base for any and all brands of shadow. You can actually made a crappy shadow better by putting it over an Aqua Cream.

I found throughout my trial with these shades, that it's best to use a brush when applying. Below, the only look I didn't do with a brush was with the Green shade. While using your finger is MUCH quicker and a lot more simple than you'd imagine with a product like this, it doesn't coat as well or as evenly as it does with a brush.

And, you'll RARELY hear me say this, but the included brush is amazinggggg. I'm never a fan of the included brush. Approximately 99% of the time I'm going off about how they shouldn't include brushes with makeup because it's wasted space and I'd rather pay $1 less. Make Up For Ever is now one of the exceptions to my rule (the only others being Urban Decay and SOME LE Chanel blushes). The brush is firm, useable, great quality, and double-sided. WIN.

On Sephora, instructions on how to use state:

-Apply a dark shade across the eyelid and blend.
-Using the same shade, line the lower lash line and lightly smudge.
-For an added highlight, apply the ivory shade to the browbone.
-Finish with Aqua Eyes 0L and Aqua Smoky Lash mascara for a completely smudge-proof look.

I wasn't completely sure how I wanted to do a look with this. Normally, with any sort of eye shadow palette, I want to use all of the shades together (yeah, I know that just isn't possible ALL of the time, but it's a challenge I love, y'all) but this is a special case. Even using two of the darker shades together is a little much.

Rather than just mess myself all up I did THREE eye looks. I only used this palette, but the possibilities are endless when you incorporate other eye shadows on top. For all three looks I took the advice above and used MUFE Aqua Eyes 0L as a liner. Unfortunately, I don't own the recommended mascara (YET!), so I used Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill.

Black with Red Highlights
(Ivory used to highlight)

Black with Green Highlights
(Ivory used lightly at the inner corner and to highlight)


Black with Blue Highlights
(Ivory used heavily on the inner part of the eye over the blue as well as to highlight above the color)


Some quick tips from me:


* Only use your finger to apply when you're planning on putting another shadow over top of one of the Aqua Creams. They gave you a brush, use it... it's good stuff.

* When using the brush to apply, do NOT blend with a back and forth motion. Pick one direction, stick with it. It just makes it more even.

* Pat the color on all over the lid before you smooth it out (again, one direction is best). I let the shadow sit for a few seconds and then I get my blend on.

* The Ivory shade gets chunky when applied with a brush. Use your finger ALWAYS for light and even application of this shade.

The Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette retails for $45.00 and is available at Sephora. This palette is exclusive and limited edition.