Maijan Moroccan Organic Argan Oil Review

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Maijan Moroccan Organic Argan Oil is an easy and effective way to treat your lackluster mane, face, and hands to some TLC. Simply by using this product on it's own or by adding a bit into your daily moisturizer or hair cream you can rejuvenate all that is lifeless about your hair and skin.


For Hair: 
For Deep Conditioning: Massage Oil into hair starting from roots to ends. Let sit for 15 minutes or more and shampoo out.
For Daily Protection and Shine: Apply a few drops to ends of dry hair or wet hair. You can also add a few drops to the your daily conditioner for deeper conditioning. Safe for all hair types including color treated hair.

For Face: Massage a few drops on face. You can also add a few drops to your daily facial moisturizer. Can be used AM and PM.

For Skin, Hands, and Cuticles: Massage Oil in desired location until absorbed. You can also add a few drops to your daily body moisturizer for glowing skin, nails, and cuticles. Can be used AM and PM.

My hair gets extremely oily on the top. For this reason, when I put the Argan Oil in my hair, I start at the ends of my hair, where I tend to be very dry. I also tend to use this on my hands in the winter when they can become cracked or peeling from the lack of moisture in the air. Placing a drop or two in with my hand cream really makes all the difference!


All that aside, my absolute FAVORITE way to use Argan Oil is when I wear my hair curly, and it starts to dull and look dried out towards the end of the day. I apply a bit of the oil to the ends and sparsely around for a renewed style.

It's important to remember, that no matter how you like to use Argan Oil, to use it SPARINGLY. I have medium to long hair that tends to frizz and I only use 2-3 drops.

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