MAC Wonder Woman Spitfire Lipstick

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Talk about out of my comfort zone!

I need a bold lippie in my life that isn't red. Enter MAC Spitfire from the recent Wonder Woman collection. This one always catches my eye in swatch posts, on the MAC site.. in the stores. A bright lippie? Me? No. Never. Maybe?

On Tuesday I had to run out and pick up my bridesmaid dress so I swung in Ulta, which was by Macy's... and had to do it. I went in, tried on Spitfire, and bought it. The MA had me put it on with MAC Plum Lipliner and I just loved the effect it had on my face. It totally brightened me up and brought attention to my lips. Sold.

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2 days later I finally open the box. Purple. Whut? It looked pink in the tube at the store! I seriously thought she gave me the wrong lippie. I double checked the MAC site.. nope, this HAS to be it...I tried it on... lo and behold it IS the right lippie! It looks purple in the tube, but obviously goes on pink. Try it on!

Shown here with no liner... just plain ol' Spitfire.

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I've always been a fan of the Satin formula from MAC. They aren't as drying as a Matte and not as shiny as a Lustre. Spitfire also leaves a nice stain on the lips (even without a liner) as it wears so that you don't totally look without.

Spitfire retails for $15.50 (a buck more for the privilege of being part of Wonder Woman) and is currently sold out on the MAC website, however I picked mine up at a counter easily enough... so do some checking around and you should have no problems picking one up!