MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

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Initially MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF turned me off. Which was good, seeing as how Nordstrom sold out of it before I got there =\ Before I saw everything in person it was the one I wanted, but when I swatched the MSF in person it just was SO light. I definately wasn't in the market for JUST a highlighter. So I picked up Golden Lariat and was actually happy.

Then the lemming happened. It sold out SO fast everywhere... was nearly impossible to get... so obviously I needed it. I called a ton of stores, harrassed people to swap, watched the LJ sales like a hawk.... nothing. I called MAC to see if they'd restock and they said it's likely no, but to call the 800 number and press option 6 (I think?) and ask them because SOMEtimes OOS items can still be found floating around. Don't you know they had a shipment there ready to put online! The CS rep happily sold me one (tax free!) and I squeedddddd lol

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It's absolutely gorgeous and glowy on. It actually did show up nicely on my NW25 skin tone, though I do wish the pink part was a little bigger. It seems like it's different on every MSF, so if I could have picked, I'd have picked more pink. It also arrived with the MSF part skewed. (as you can see in the pic)... which bugs my OCD to no end, but I didn't want to call and whine, seeing as how I felt like I hit the jackpot anyway lol


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Here are finger swatches, the pinkie has the colors blended together.

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Arm Swatches:

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MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power and Golden Lariat MSF's are BACK IN STOCK on the MAC Website. They retail for $35. I say get both. You heard it right. You need both.