MAC Viva Glam GAGA & CYNDI Swatches

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FINALLY! My MAC Viva Glam Lipglasses have arrived from Nordies! I only had the Gaga lipstick in my possession (which is why it doesn't look as pretty as the others in the pic lol), so I ordered Cyndi lipstick and lipglass and Gaga lipglass.

Truthfully, GAGA lipstick doesn't look good on me. It has just the right amount of lilac to it that it looks extremely stupid and porn-starish on my tone. I have to doctor it up with MAC Subculture lip liner and any sort of pink lipglass lol But who could turn up their nose at anything GAGA?! Not I.

When Cyndi first came out I tried it and hated it. Now when I put it on I absolutely adore it. The lipglass just amplifies the color and makes it really HOT. My husband is all about this combo.

Top to Bottom - Gaga Lippie, Gaga Lipglass, Cyndi Lippie, Cyndi Lipglas

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I tried to get a lip swatch of Cyndi, since I have it on right now, but it's extremely cloudy right now so the lighting suckssss. All blurred =(

Both lippies have a Lustre finish (my fav) so they need a bit of layering. The lipglasses are opaque so you can wear them over top of the lippie or even alone. Gorgeous.

MAC Lipsticks and Lipglasses retail for $14.50 at as well as Nordstrom and Macys.