MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick & Lipglass Swatches

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Hey guys!!

First off, an announcement - instead of MAC Patisserie lipstick the winner of my Giveaway will be receiving MAC Angel Lipstick. Just as gorgeous, probably more popular, and will work with any tone! Both of my counters were out of Patisserie, so I had to sub.

Second, my Nordies had the new VG Gaga out early! I almost fell over and of course snapped them right up!!

Pics of the tubes and packaging:

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Image placeholder title
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(top to bottom - lipglass over lipstick, lipstick, lipglass)

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(just the lipstick)

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

(lipstick w/ the lipglass on top)

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and... since I got a ton of compliments on my eyes today lol UD Smog w/ MAC Siahi f/l and MAC Powersurge e/k

Image placeholder title

I was really impressed with this set of VG Gaga's. I felt they were more wearable for everyone. The first release was sort of bubblegummy... and not all great on me. With just the Viva Glam 2 Lipstick, it sort of gives a concealer effect, but with the coordinating lipglass on top, it's nude perfection. I'm extremely happy with this duo. Gaga should come back every year!

The Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick and Lipglass are available at MAC stores, MAC counters and On the website (currently) it says coming soon, so keep a look out.

Third, we had a death in the family. DH's gram died. They were very close. From Saturday through Monday we'll be at the viewings and funeral. Please bear with me on comment approval as well as posts. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting during this time, but I do have my Wonder Woman goods here, so hopefully I can get those up for you all ASAP.

I hope everyone in your lives is happy and healthy and you have a great weekend planned!!