MAC Venomous Villains Blush Swatches & Review

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Time for MAC Venomous Villains blush swatches!!

These blushes are TRULY amazing. Pigmented, smooth... the staying power is fab. I really can't say enough.

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Packaging... I think the boxes are a lot cooler than the actual blush pot... I almost wish the scribbly of the outer packaging would have been the inner packaging. A big complaint that I've heard is that the pots and tubes look like they're made for kiddie makeup. I still love it ;) Click HERE to see what the outer packaging looks like.

Bite of an Apple

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From the "Evil Queen" section of the 4 part collection, BOAA is ... for lack of a better SAT word... BRIGHT. It's my first brightie blush! It's extremely daunting in the pot. Take ANY blush brush (I generally use the MAC 168) and just tap it. Tap, tap, tappie (what movie is that from! whoooo can guess hehe). Brush on LIGHTLY. Remember you can ALWAYS build this up. Don't go all hog wild!

Darkly My Dear

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From the "Cruella De Vil" section. I almost passed this gem by! Like BOAA you need to tap lightly and build. I made the mistake this morning of my usual dig in with brush and swatch on... yeah. I looked straight out of the Young and the Restless circa 1988.

These blushes are both so beautiful. The retail is $19.50 - If you can get your hands on them I highly suggest it. As of yesterday seemed to be restocked with most of the VV line. Run... don't walk. You'll kick yourself later if you don't get these. (and who in the heck wants to kick themselves?! not me!)