MAC Treat Me Nice Superslick Liquid Eye Liner Swatches & Review

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Yet another Liquid Eye Liner for you! This time from MAC. I didn't even know they had these out until a few weeks ago while at Macy's I saw the display. I thought the newest liquid eyeliners from MAC were still the Liquidlast and I can't stand those. In any event, not sure how "new" these are, but they're new to me!

From the Nordstrom website:

A liquid liner so slick it almost describes itself. Water-based, water-resistant, quick and precise to apply. Dries in 15 seconds to provide a sleek, long-wearing, wet-look, no-smudge line. The superior no-fuss, no-wobble application lies in the 'magic tip' of the easy-to-control dipstick applicator

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Treat Me Nice is a DYNAMIC color. It is described as an "emerald green with soft pearl" and is totally Dorothy of OZ Emerald City worthy. I have nothing like it, so I'm excited to try it with some of my fave green looks.

I love the sponge applicator of this liquid liner. It goes on pretty easily, but you have to watch that inner corner, if you have too much it'll leak into your eye and I have first hand experience of that being not so pleasant. =\

It takes some time to dry, which I'm not a fan of. I like those super fast, super dry liquid liners that I don't have to worry about checking on a few minutes later. I also noticed with this one, that it cracked a bit where it went over an eye crease. I winged it out some so it went over a fold, after a few hours it separated.

So far my fave liquid liner is the new Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner. It's just a cut above the rest in all categories.

MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner retails for $17.50 and is available in 9 shades at, Nordstrom, Macys, and Bloomingdales. Call to check on availability, since not all department stores house a MAC counter.

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