MAC The Faerie Glen Lipstick Review & Lip Swatch

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I took a FOTD photo a WHILE ago and just re-noticed it. I remembered nothing about what I had on other than the lippie was from MAC and is called The Faerie Glen. It released with the 2010 Tartan Tale holiday colour stuffs.

It was supposedly a pale neutral pink, but on me it looked really brown =( I was hoping it would be like my HG almost gone Patisserie.... definately opposites. The finish is a Lustre, which (lippie wise) I tend to gravitate too. This one just didn't do it. I may have too much yellow in my skin tone? I don't know... it made me look like I was jaundiced. Therefore, I cropped the pic and I leave you with a lipswatch of The Faerie Glen:

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When I crop the pic it really doesn't look as bad... but, trust me... it was bad. LOL

MAC Lippies retail for $14.50 plus tax and can be found at and most department stores.