MAC Teddy Eye Kohl Swatches & Review - MAC Me Over

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Another permanent part released with the MAC Me Over Collection is Teddy Eye Kohl. Teddy is a MAC staple and one of my personal HG's. I've been using Teddy since I've started using MAC and cannot find anything I love more. It's perfect for lining, smooth and easy to use... and since it's a kohl it's amazing for the waterline.

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A lot of people do complain that kohls migrate on them, but Teddy, an intense bronze, doesn't as much as you would think. Feline Kohl was always the worst on me for migration. Teddy will move underneath the eye a bit if you line under there, but it'll just make you look smokey!

I apologize for my little stub of a pencil in the picture. MAC Kohl's are much bigger when they're new, but I didn't reorder a new one yet lol

MAC Eye Kohls retail for $15.00 and the two colors released with the Fall 2011 MAC Me Over Collection, Teddy and Smolder, are permanent within the core MAC line. You can pick them up on or you local MAC counter or store.