MAC Surf, Baby SUN BLONDE, SAFFRON, & SURF USA Eye Shadow Swatches & Review

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MAC released 5 Eye Shadow shades with their Surf, Baby! Collection - Short, Shorts (Frost), Swell Baby (Satin), Sun Blonde (Frost), Saffron (Satin), and Surf USA (frost).

I didn't purchase Short, Shorts because I just got Fresh Daisy from Fashion Flower and didn't think it was necessary to get such a similar color... especially so soon. As for Swell Baby... I love the name, but I really don't need another grey. Especially one that looks chalky. I may be wrong... I'll check that one out in person and can always buy it at Nordstrom if the mood strikes. I don't think it'll sell out fast.

The ones I DID purchase are Sun Blonde, Saffron, Surf USA. Did you just get deja vu? I know, I purchased Saffron before from the Mickey Contractor Collection and HATED it. I sold it on LJ within a week.

However, after seeing early reviews and swatches, and hearing how the pigment on these shadows was so much better.. etc... I thought... well it IS a pretty color... let's give it another go! Did I love it this time? Read on to find out ;)

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Sun Blonde, Saffron, Surf USA

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* Sun Blonde is described as a dirty yellow gold. It totally looks like your usual summer picnic mustard color. Go to the fridge and check it out. It's GORGEOUS. Sun Blonde is NOT a typical color for me, but it's an amazing shade. Buttery smooth and easy to blend. It is my favorite shadow out of the 3 that I purchased from this collection.

* Saffron is described as a deep coral caramel. It sucks just as much as before =( I still had issues with this color, even just for swatching. I'll probably keep this one, rather than sell it like I did with the Mickey Contractor version. I never have a lot of luck with Satin finishes from MAC (unless it's for a highlight shade), and Saffron was, is, and continues to be no exception.

* Surf USA is described as a frosted teal. This color is pretty amazing. I did almost skip it, but I don't really have anything similar, and teal is hot for summer.. so why not? Frost shades from MAC are 9 times out of 10 awesome. Surf USA is beautiful, bright, and makes me want to visit the beach.

MAC Surf, Baby! Eye Shadows retail for $15.50. Sun Blonde & Surf USA seem to be sold out on website (though it's currently acting up for me), but you can check out the department store websites, who launched this collection today. I would order ASAP, if the chatter is any indication these are extremely popular on Surf, Baby! Collection shopping lists.