MAC Surf, Baby! GOOD LOVIN' & STRANGE POTION Lipglass Swatches & Review

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There it is... that deja vu again...

Four lipglasses were released with the MAC Surf, Baby! Collection - Girl On Board, Krazy Kahuna, Good Lovin', and Strange Potion.

I picked up Good Lovin', and Strange Potion.

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Yes, this is the second time I've bought Strange Potion, and no, it's not because I ran out of the one from Venomous Villains. Even though I loved Strange Potion way back then, it somehow got thrown into my purge box. I decided I had too many coral shades of lipglass and wanted to make room for more things. Different things.

It seems those "things" have come full circle. I saw on a blog Strange Potion over top of Mocha lipstick and love was born once again.

I did not purchase Girl On Board because it didn't appeal to me. It's described as a "pale, white gold". I don't know what I'd do with another sheer type gloss and found it easy to pass on. I also did not purchase Krazy Kahuna. It was in my cart, but in the end I thought it may be too brown for me. Had it been released as a fall color it would have been easy for me to pull the trigger on. Like Swell Baby, when I see Krazy Kahuna in person I'll check it out and can always purchase it then.

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Good Lovin'

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Strange Potion

* Good Lovin' is described as a Soft Peachy Pink. It leaned more towards pink on me. Good Lovin' has a nice sparkle but is a tad on the sheer side. What is nice about this lipglass is the shimmer is minimal. I hated on last years To The Beach how the lipglasses were SO glitter-bombed. Gross.

* Strange Potion is described as a Soft coral pink. This one leans more coral on me. A bit thicker and more pigmented than Good Lovin', I love Strange Potion just as much as I did the first time. Remind me not to throw it in the purge box again when I get the itch!

MAC Surf, Baby! Lipglass retail for $15.50. Good Lovin' seems to be sold out on the website (though right now all items that had said sold out now say coming soon!), but you can check out the department store websites, who launched this collection today.