MAC Surf, Baby! Collection Run Down

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Overall, I was pretty happy with the MAC Surf, Baby! Collection. It was much more impressive quality wise than last years To The Beach collection.

In terms of packaging, I loved it. It was simple and didn't make my eyes scream. A lot of people might think just the plain white casings and simple logo are lame, but I think it's a classy take on summer. Not every collection can be packaged in neon ;)

Originally, I wanted absolutely nothing from the Surf, Baby! Collection. Preliminary descriptions and even some swatches had me going... meh. As time went on and more swatches on skin tones that were comparable to mine started to surface, my lemmings grew.

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From the MAC Surf, Baby! Collection I purchased:
* Hibiscus & Mocha Lipsticks
* Good Lovin' & Strange Potion Lipglass
* Sun Blonde, Saffron, & Surf USA Eye Shadows
* My Paradise Cheek Powder

You can click the links above for details, swatches, pics and reviews on each product. Clicking the link WILL navigate you away from this page, but if you right click on the link it will prompt you to open a new window.

If I had to do it over, knowing what I do now I would NOT have purchased:
* Saffron is the only item that I purchased that I wish I hadn't. I should have listened to my instincts on that one!

Things I probably didn't need:
* I need all of this, other than Saffron. Of course no one NEEDS their 300th coral lipglass lol but who can pass on the pretties?!

I'm happy I caved and bought:
* My Paradise Cheek Powder because it's so much more wearable than I thought, and it seems like the overspray will stick around even longer than I anticipated. It's like 2 blushes in one AND that overspray would make a pretty eye shadow while it lasts!

* Hibiscus Lipstick scared the crap out of me from pics and swatches, but in person on the mouth... to die for. You need this.

I wish I could have bought:
* Hangin' Loose Nail Lacquer. I don't need another nude... but I love me some nude polishes in pretty bottles!
* Gold Go-Lightly Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder. Don't need it... but it looked so pretty!! And I love the LE compacts lol

Overall, I'm not upset about anything I purchased. Saffron was disappointing once again, but I'll hang on to it, so I don't regret it. I'd still like to check out the above items as well as Swell Baby, Krazy Kahuna, and the Pigment Stacks in person. If they're still in stock early next week I may just be bringing more Surf, Baby! home =)

So, what did YOU get from MAC Surf, Baby!? If you didn't get a chance to purchase, what are you lemming? What are your thoughts?

Is it just me or is the Surf, Baby! model scary as heck?! I keep waiting for her to jump out of my computer and scream RAWRRRRRRR, I'm ZUELLLLLLL (Ghostbusters reference).

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