MAC So Vain Kissable Lipcolour Swatches & Review

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I've had the MAC Kissable Lipcolour in So Vain since it's release. The photos were taken, things were ready to go... and for some reason it just got pushed to the wayside. No reason why, it just happened.

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I really like this product. It actually reminds me of the Chanel Rouge Allure Laque. Obviously not spot on... The MAC version is cheaper, and not as thick. That could either be a good or bad thing. MAC Kissable Lipcolour doesn't cover as well as the Chanel (when you smush your lips together it makes weird lines), but it feels lighter on the lips and the price point is much more doable for the beauty who is on a budget. I actually reach for the MAC more-so than the Chanel.

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MAC Kissable Lipcolour is Limited Edition and 4 of them are available for $18 at So Vain is not on the MAC website anymore, but you can check with your local MAC stores and counters or other websites that sell MAC. Just on a quick search I found So Vain at Bloomingdales.