MAC Siahi & Dark Diversion Fluidline Swatches & Review

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MAC Fluidlines are awesome. None compare. Bobbi Brown Gel liners hit at a close second, but MAC takes first prize in this category. The colors are always awesome, pigment is usually pretty decent (IME), and they stay put.

For this post I want to specifically talk about MAC Siahi Fluidline (left side - from Mickey Contractor) and MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline (right side - from Stylishly Yours).

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Dark Diversion is still available at, however Siahi sold out in about 2 seconds. I have some CP's that are backordered on a lot of the Mickey Contractor stuff. Who knew?! I know I'm PO'd I didn't get Ivy Fluidline... but hopefully it'll pop back in stock and I'll be one of the lucky few who can score it last minute!

Siahi is a gorgeous deep turquoise, while Dark Diversion is a blackened plum. I'm catching some very sparse and fine sparkle to them, but really they both appear matte (to me!) and glide on smoothly (as with most fluidlines.) I did notice with Dark Diversion that it was a bit sheer, and I had to play with it a little bit when applying to my lids. Perhaps with that one I should try it with a different brush. Normally I use the MAC 209, but the MAC 266 may be a better match for it.

The first image is no flash, the second image is with flash:

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MAC Fluidlines retail for $15.00 plus tax. You get a TON of product and need to use very little, so it is WELL worth it.

EDIT: Side note.. I just had a HECK of a time cleaning the brush I used for Siahi. The thing just did NOT want to come clean. So I do recommend using a seperate brush for this one... just in case! (I used MAC Brush Cleanser, Anti Bac Foam soap and Johnsons Baby Shampoo lol)