MAC Ruffian Manicure: Spectator - Swatches, Photos & Review

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I haven't gone to the nail salon for acrylic nails since 2002. Before that, I was a weekly visitor getting my nails filled, frenched... pampered...

Why? I was a baaad nail biter. Getting this done for so many years aided in me kicking the habit. The only downfall, is that even 10 years later my nails are on the weaker side and my thumbs have permanent dips in them that have never gone away. I can't grow them much longer than what you see in my polish swatch photos because of splitting and breaking.

So, where is the alternative?

Recently, MAC collaborated with the design house Ruffian and launched three limited edition press-on manicure sets. As you've read in earlier blog posts, I'm not fan of the press-on mani. I've tried those imPRESS and they are just hideous.

For consideration, I received the MAC Ruffian Manicure Set in Spectator to review. Knowing how I feel about products like this I was pretty apprehensive about testing it.

Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised ;)

What the MAC website has to say about the Spectator Ruffian Manicure:


Cult New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian bring their signature swagger to M∙A∙C with this exclusive press-on nail set. Cream nail with black half-moon, black French tip and black Ruffian insignia on one nail. Set includes 24 nails. Apply glue strip directly to nail accessory and press on to clean, dry nails. To remove, gently peel nail off from the side. These nails are designed to be safe on your natural nails. Signature packaging. Limited edition.

Spectator is an ivory mani with a black tip and black moon. One of the nails features an insignia. While the design isn't totally my style, the manicure applies to the nail very easily, fit well, and stayed ON. My husband had a good laugh at me trying to remove them. (Thankfully, removal didn't destroy my nails or make them rip or break at all).


When I first applied the mani it felt awkward. I just don't wear stuff like this, so that's to be expected. After a few minutes I adjusted to the feel of the nails and they became more comfortable.

At first I thought the cost was a little much for one set, BUT you get two sets. I obviously can't read lol but that made me really excited. Demilune is probably the mani that fits my style the most from this collection, but that is what's great about these three styles... they're all very different and each person should find one that will suit them the best.

For more information on MAC Ruffian, please see the Official Press Release. If you're curious to see what inspired the manicures of the MAC Ruffian Collection, check out this video!

The MAC Ruffian Manicure retails for $25.00 a set and is available at