MAC Rich, Sweet Big Bounce Shadow Review & Swatches

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Ahhhh the Big Bounce Shadows. Now, with all of the bad reviews these things are getting, I would not have bought one if I weren't a blogger.

The MAC site says these last for hours... which is ONLY true if you wear another shadow on top of it. See Temptalia's interview with MAC Senior Artist Romero Jennings.

This is my personal experience with the product. In the morning I applied UDPP to both eyes and put on a light coat of MAC Rich, Sweet Big Bounce Shadow on each eye lid and up a bit through the crease with the MAC 242 brush (which IS amazing for this product). The left eye I left alone. With the right eye I patted MAC Bronze Eye Shadow over top with the MAC 239. And waited.

I kept my eyes closed and waited for them to dry, waving my hands in front of my eyes to speed it along. I didn't think dry time was too bad, but if you're rushing out the door this is obviously something you're not going to want to mess with.

The left side (with no shadow to set it) creased and got pretty flaky in about 30 minutes time. It looked like I'd been at the club all day and night and came home a hot mess. The right side (set with Bronze shadow) looked AMAZING still. And stayed amazing until I cleaned it off at the end of the day. These do wipe off super easy with MAC Bulk Wipes or your usual makeup remover.

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(UDPP; MAC Rich, Sweet Big Bounce Shadow; MAC Bronze Eye Shadow)

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(L-R: MAC Bronze e/s; MAC Bronze e/s over top of MAC Rich, Sweet; MAC Rich, Sweet Big Bounce Shadow)

I actually REALLY love how these make the shadows set on top POP. You need to watch and make sure they're at a matching dryness. When I did my left eye with the powder I put Bronze over top before it was completely dry, and it came up a little darker than the right eye, which I let dry completely.

Now, I'm not SURE if this is related, but after I took this product off last night my left eye got EXTREMELY itchy. Just the lid. It wasn't my eye ball, it was the LID area. That has NEVER happened to me before.

I would buy another one, I do like how they make shades stand out, but I need to try the one I have again and make sure I'm not "eye lid allergic" to these. Pursebuzz also said something similar and actually had to wear her glasses because of the reaction she had. As for a crease resistant shadow that can be worn alone... that's a negative.

MAC Big Bounce Shadows retail for $16.50. Same price as a paint pot, even in the same container as a paint pot! This is a WET product, so please remember that a little goes a long way. I dabbed the cap area LIGHTLY with the 242 and had more than enough for my eye lid. These ARE Limited Edition... which could be good or bad, depending on how you look at the product.

Have you checked the Big Bounce Shadows in person yet? In store? Did you buy? What is your experience with them?