MAC Quite Cute Collection Run Down

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What an adorable little collection Quite Cute is. MAC really did hit a home run with this one. I think that if you HATE pastels or these flirty shades in particular, then this isn't for you, BUT really there is something for everyone. With the mix of girlie brights and pastels, why wouldn't there be??

My list before I went and saw everything in person was pretty minimal. Once I saw and played around with everything, that list obviously grew. I suggest you see this collection in person rather than base what you buy off of swatches. Most of the swatches I saw online before I went to the launch were on girls with a much different skin tone than what I have (I'm a MAC NW25). These shades are going to look totally different on every tone, I think more so than it normally would.

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From the MAC Quite Cute Collection I purchased:
* Playing Koi Lipstick
* Bubble Tea Plushglass
* In Synch Lip Pencil
* Boldly Bare Lip Pencil
* Naked Liner Lip Pencil (previously owned)
* Giggly Mineralize Blush
* Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
* CUTiE Quad
* Ice Cream Cake Nail Lacquer
* Mischievous Mint Nail Lacquer

You can click the links above for details, swatches, pics and reviews on each product. Clicking the link WILL navigate you away from this page, but if you right click on the link it will prompt you to open a new window.

If I had to do it over, knowing what I do now I would NOT have purchased:
* Mischievous Mint Nail Lacquer because of the application as well as the fact that it's similar to For Audrey and I like For Audrey better.
* Miss Behave Mineralize Blush though I love the heart, let's be honest. I have more peach hued blushes than necessary, and this one just has no pigment.

Things I probably didn't need:
* Playing Koi Lipstick it's a nude... and not a great one to work with... but the name is FUN and it does look pretty when you mess with it!
* Bubble Tea Plushglass I love plushglass, but the price point is a little ridiculous when lipglasses are $4 cheaper and you get more in a lipglass. I don't like that. I would have likely bought 2 more of them later on, if not for the price.

I'm happy I caved and bought:
* CUTiE Quad I really don't have anything like it, and the pigment was a lot nicer than I expected. This one is a huge check in the "win" department.

I wish I could have bought:
* Candy Yum-Yum lipstick I get this kind of lemming with all items that sell out first. It's like well dang it maybe I DID want that lol

Overall, I'm not upset about anything I purchased. I have no real buyers remorse, which is rare for me when I purchase so much at once.

So, what did YOU get from MAC Quite Cute? If you didn't get a chance to purchase, what are you lemming? What are your thoughts?

PS ~ For kicks... a pic of the other makeup items I hauled on Thursday:

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