MAC Oomph & Saffron Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

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MAC + Mickey Contractor Present Saffron (satin) and Oomph (VP) Eye Shadows.

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"I'm just mad about saffron.... saffrons mad about me...."

It's really more like I'm mad AT Saffron. The swatch (see below) is gorgeous.. even if I would have swatched this in the store (rather than bought online) I still would have purchased... but on my eyes it's a super mess. I think it's the satin finish that kills it for me. It should be Veluxe Pearl. MAC excels at Veluxe Pearl finishes.

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Speaking of Veluxe Pearl... Oomph is perfection. Green, woodsy goodness. It's really a shame it's LE. It needed some work on the eyes, but it's just extremely beautiful... one for the books!

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Both of these shadows were released with limited availability in select MAC stores and online. They retail for $14.50 plus tax. They sold out but if you use THIS LINK and go to the site you'll see COMING SOON underneath when you click the swatch. Cross your fingers!