MAC Myth Lipstick, Lipglass, and Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Fashion Sets

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This past month, MAC has launched a really interesting concept collection called Fashion Sets. The idea of Fashion Sets, is to take a top selling MAC lip product and pair it up with a matching lipglass and nail lacquer. While the polish and lipglass may not always be a 100% identical shade to the lipstick, it all works to create a coordinating lip and nail look.

There are four categories of Fashion Sets, so if you're looking for a particular one you might need to do a bit of clicking. The Myth Set is part of Fashion Sets: North America and Fashion Sets: Europe & Africa.

What the MAC website has to say about Fashion Sets:

Rebel in New York, Russian Red in Dubai, Snob in Sao Paulo, Saint Germain in Tokyo, Morange in Paris: these must-have lip shades so coveted by M∙A∙C fans around the world, that we created 3-piece mini-collections of Lipstick, Lipglass, and Nail Lacquer trios in 7 classic palettes. Perfectly coordinated, regionally inspired.

(L-R: Myth Lipstick, Myth Lipglass, Myth Nail Lacquer)


Myth Lipstick

Myth Lipstick is described as a light neutral nude and has a satin finish. The formula is not too dry, but may wash out some skin tones. You might want to add the coordinating lipglass (or a peachy pink shade) to add some dimension. The lipstick is part of the permanent MAC line of lipsticks.


Myth Lipglass

Myth Lipglass is also described as a light neutral nude, but leans toward the peach side of that. It's creamy with a bit of silver sparkle (that you can see better in the arm swatch photo) and feels great on. This is a nice shade to put over top of ANY of your fave lipsticks and wears pretty evenly. The lipglass is limited edition.


Myth Lipstick & Lipglass Layered

Layering both the lipstick and lipglass together is a slick, peachy-nude lip of neutral gorgeousness. The only downside was, no matter what, I always got a bit of uneven application. You can see it better in the photo than in person, but it's something to think about. Maybe a lip primer underneath would do the trick?


Myth Nail Lacquer

Myth Nail Lacquer is again described as a light neutral nude and has a cream finish. I didn't feel that this polish applied well, but after three coats (the third of which being pretty thick) it evened out some and covered decently. The polish is limited edition.


The Myth set is a trio of milky nude beigeness. A great look if you love to be neutral or if you need a great nude lip/nail combo to go with your trademark smoky eye.

On the MAC website, they've made purchasing the three piece set easy for you! Unfortunately, the Myth set is unavailable at this time because the Lipglass is listed as "coming soon". So, be on the lookout for this set to make another appearance!

The set retails for $45.00 but if you'd like to purchase the items separately (maybe you don't want that lipglass?) you can get the nail polish for $16.00, and the lipstick and lipglass for $14.50 each.

For more information, please see the Official Press Release.