MAC Lady Grey Eye Shadow Quad Swatches & Review - MAC Me Over

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The MAC Lady Grey Eye Shadow Quad is part of the late August 2011 release MAC Me Over, in the Icelandic Cool section. MAC Me Over is a 51 piece collection that launched this month in North America, and in September internationally. Click HERE to be taken to the official press release.

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MAC Lady Grey contains 4 exclusive eyeshadows in one of the new style 4 pan palettes. The shadows are All Races (Matte), Tendersmoke (Frost), Lady Grey (Satin) & Hazy Day (Veluxe Pearl).

Not gonna lie, I bought this palette because Hazy Day looked so darn pretty in swatches. It always makes me feel silly to buy a palette for ONE shade. Well, it IS pretty silly. Luckily, I ended up liking all of the shades together!

At first swatch, on the arm, I was extremely disappointed. I didn't even have the desire to write this post. The shades didn't wow me. I did want to do one more look from this collection, so I sat down and reluctantly started to apply the Lady Grey Quad.

WOWZAH. The shades look amazing together and blend very well. It's a bit sheer, but I think that will appeal to the masses because (even though the shades don't LOOK like they could all be worn together) if these shades were deep the more conservative makeup wearer might shy away from using them simultaneously. I'm anxious to share the FOTD with you, which will likely be tomorrow ;)

Holy cow does this palette bring out the green in my eyes like you wouldn't believe. I have brown eyes, but for some reason when I take the EOTD pics some green flares out... with this palette it's extreme green. Green and hazel eyed beauties will freak over this quad.

MAC Lady Grey Eye Shadow Quad retails for $38 and is available at as well as at MAC freestanding stores and counters. Lady Grey is from the Fall 2011 MAC Me Over Collection, is Limited Edition and is currently available as of its release on August 25.