MAC GOLDEN GAZE Mineralize Eye Shadow Swatches & Review

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Normally I'm not a fan of the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows. They ALWAYS look pretty, but I get very little color payoff when I use them, and lots of shadow dusties. Based off of early swatches and reviews, these seemed to be headed up the same alley. One shadow stood out amongst all of the others. That shadow is Golden Gaze.

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(Golden Gaze swatched just one time with a finger on the left. On the right is Golden Gaze sheered out.)

Golden Gaze Mineralize Eye Shadow

is described on the

MAC Website

as simply

Gold & Black

(which it obviously is).

Golden Gaze

is the only

Mineralize Eye Shadow

from the July 2011 release of the

Semi-Precious Collection

that I picked up. Many of them caught my interest when the initial information was released, but after I saw early blogger swatches I was less than impressed. I whittled my list down to just

Golden Gaze

rather easily.

I found that Golden Gaze swatched beautifully on, and maintained it's beauty even when sheered out. While playing with the other shades at the mall yesterday, I noticed they had a ton of multi-colored glitter particles. While beautiful, things like that reek havoc on my contact lens wearing eyes, and I thought it best and smart that I initially passed when I did my online order. I found the pigment of the other shadows to be a bit better than what swatches and reviews that I saw online stated. So, I think if you like a color, and don't mind the glitter, GO FOR IT. Better to do it now than wait til it's sold out and regret it!

(FYI - Clarity and Jade's Fortune really DO look identical in person, like online swatches have shown. They had some different colors in their glitter particles, but Jade's Fortune is MUCH prettier.)

Golden Gaze retails for $20.00 and is limited edition with the MAC Semi-Precious Collection. It is currently sold out on the MAC website, but you can still pick it up at your local MAC store or counter, or online - while supplies last. Call ahead to check on availability.