MAC Frayed To Order Nail Lacquer

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Confession. I overnighted my Jeanius order. Why? Because I KNEW Pink Cult blush would sell out. AND IT DID. FAST. If you overnight, they process your order first, and you don't get the evil backorder or non-fullfillment email.

I was also worried this polish would sell out. MAC Frayed To Order. It's really very cool. It reminds me of an angel fish. It dries Matte, a little uneven. Still... it's GORGEOUS. I actually like it shiny as well, so I added a top coat. It works both ways. I can't think of anything like it so I deem it must have... for whatever that's worth lol

This is FOUR coats (and notice it's still patchy)

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this is the same polish with SVFDTC

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You can't really tell the difference between the two pics, but IRL you can obviously tell, since it's Matte without the top coat.

MAC Frayed To Order Nail Lacquer is part of the new Jeanius collection, which will officially launch in stores tomorrow. Get yours TODAY at Retail on this polish is $14 USD.

I'll post Pink Cult blush later today or tomorrow depending. My dog isn't doing well so we're taking her out to the vet =(