MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara Review and Photos

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The original MAC False Lashes is one of my FAVORITE mascaras, even though I didn't like it at first, it grew on me (though not for a False Lash look, as more of a neutral look). I reviewed it here. So of course, when MAC released another version, EXTREME BLACK, it immediately went on my wish list!

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Where I didn't think the original False Lashes really made me look like I had false lashes on, I think Extreme Black does! I didn't use an eye lash curler for the picture above, and I thought this mascara lengthened and curled phenomenally. It's more expensive than MAC's other mascaras (like my other fave, Plushlash), and it truly doesn't NEED to be... but it's still cheaper than other high end brands out there that don't perform as well. (Guerlain Les Verts was used in the eye look with Extreme Black).

MAC False Lashes Mascara - Extreme Black retails for $19.00 and is available at your local MAC counter or store as well as at Check out the official press release for more information.

I received this mascara as an early birthday present from one of my international girls that I CP for. I just thought that should be disclosed since I didn't purchase this myself ;) Thank you, Julia!!