MAC Fabulous Felines Haul

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Welllllllll folks. I hauled. Surprised?! haha

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection launched today on It is a HUGE 3 part collection which includes Leopard Luxe, Burmese Beauty, and Palace Pedigreed. I love the big cats. They're totally sexy so of course the collection, even in name alone, appealed to me.

Also released today were the Fall Trend Bags. Which, to me, were kind of disappointing compared to years past. With a collection name like Fabulous Felines attached to it... I mean they could have done some really cool stuff. They're plain. Blah.

A Nail Trend F/W '10 line was also released. Just like last year a collection of 6 polishes made for the brand by designer Jin Soon. These actually seemed better online than they did in person. While I was swatching at Nordies the only colors that appealed to me were Jade Dragon and Rain of Flowers. I think with the awesome colors out by Orly (Cosmic FX) this month MAC really dropped the ball, nail polish wise. Though they aren't primarily a nail polish BRAND like Orly... still...

I wasn't so impressed of the collection online based off of peoples swatches and the written descriptions that MAC provided or were leaked to various websites and blogs. In person, this collection presents a whole different ball game. I peeked and played while I was waiting for Falyn during the Dior event. I meant to take a picture of the set up, but forgot =| It was a Dior day, so you really can't blame me there!

I wish I had the funds to just buy everything, especially to do blog swatches and all that. I don't, so I had to stick with the basics. I went back and forth on the quad. In the end.... I obviously needed it.

My haul:
~ Burmese Beauty Quad (BB)
~ Spree Lipglass (BB)
~ Desires & Devices liner (BB) (if i love this I fully intend to buy more, so pretty!)
~ Wildly Refined Lipglass (LL)
~ Utterly Game Blush (LL)
~ Jade Dragon Nail Polish (Jin Soon)
~ Clear Brow Set (HG*)
~ Gently Off Eye & Lip Remover (HG)

I did pay for the 2nd day shipping. They ship from Maryland so technically I should get this on Thursday rather than Friday when I'd normally get it. But we'll see, I may have ordered too late. (Sorry, folks... this blogger is SICK and passed out on the couch while the little one napped and the older one danced a jig on my head.)

Once it all arrives I'll do some swatches. Probably no EOTD or FOTD til I feel better lol I look like I've been in a serious brawl.

Did you order or plan on getting anything from the MAC Fabulous Felines collection?? LIST!!! I have to know what you got and why! ;) When you haul I haul! hehe

** HG means Holy Grail... or an item I use every day. I thought I'd add in the little asterix because I know my mom is reading this and going wtf is HG. lol