MAC Evening Stroll Lip and Cheek Colour Pot Swatches and Review - Casual Colour

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MAC Casual Color is a smaller scale collection consisting of your weekend basics - a mascara, nail lacquer, and a new breed of creamy blushes.

The creamy Colour Pot's are the highlight of Casual Colour, adding tint to both lips and cheeks. Eight shades have been released as limited edition - Lazy Sunday, Keep it Loose, Relaxation, Have a Lovely Day!, Weekend Getaway, Out for Fun, Keep it Casual, and today's post of Evening Stroll.

What the MAC website has to say about Casual Color:

Versatile, lightweight all-in-one colour for cheeks and lips. Creamy, super-blendable, barely there formula. Contains Vitamin E to help keep skin and lips nourished. Limited Edition.

13 ml / 0.43 US fl oz

Evening Stroll is described as a violet cream.


Formula wise, this is creamy and smooth. As fearful as I was of this one in the pot, I actually rather like it on my lips! I just dabbed it on lightly and it gave a great light lavender tint. It's wearable! (If you want, you CAN layer it for heavy pigment.. but I don't suggest that for any day other than October 31).

On the face is a whole other story. I applied Lavender Stroll using a stippling brush and it applied wonderfully, but the color brought out every discoloration! You can see in the photo that on parts where my cheek is like Regina George (flawless) it looks okay, but parts that have a bit of redness the blush comes off looking angry, like Janice (another Mean Girls reference). So, in terms of cheeks... formula good, color bad. This would be a fun color to use editorial wise, though, to paint some hearts or something on your face. Away from all things red.


As compared to MAC's regular cremeblend blushes, I found the Casual Color set to be more lightweight, creamier and not as sticky. I had an easier time working with this new formula.

For more information on this collection, please see the Official Press Release.

MAC Casual Color retails for $20.00 and is available at, as well as at your local MAC counter (try Nordstrom) or Store.