MAC Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot Review & Swatches

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Oh, MAC... how I love thee paint pots. Except this one. MAC Dangerous Cuvee is from the recently released Cham-pale line. Dangerous Cuvee (DC) was the only new paint pot that I picked up because the other 3 seemed too similar to a few of the permanent paint pot shades. It looked pretty neat in the pot.. almost like foil.

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If I could grade something lower than an "F" I would. It's sheer. It has FALL OUT (who ever heard of a paint pot with fall out?!).. the color is ok but it was hard to put a color over since it was so sheer and I couldn't get it to apply evenly. (you can see best in the third pic above how sheer and uneven it is). This paint pot was one of the most disappointing products I've ever seen from MAC.

DC retails for $16.50 and is sold out on but it's not that great, so I'd be on the lookout for it on MUA or on some LJ sales. Do NOT pay more than retail. Seriously.

I have some Mickey Contractor and Peacocky coming, so be on the look out for that!!