MAC CUTiE Quad - Eye Shadow x 4

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**This is the final product I'll be reviewing today. Tomorrow I'll have the last nail polish and then I'll be able to do an overview. It is just exhausting doing a whole collection like this and chase around two kids lol Luckily my little one had a GOOD nap today and I took a lot of photos at 530am lol

The MAC CUTiE Quad doesn't look like much, it didn't seem to review very well before the launch either. It was not on my list of must haves... The MAC Counter manager at Macy's was wearing it, and it was super sheer on her. I was still all meh about it. Something told me to buy it.

I am SO glad I did.

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While 3 of the shades aren't too pigmented the dark purple is just lovely. I applied it with a 219 brush into my crease and even lined my eyes with it. I'm seriously in love. It's totally springy... there is just so many looks you can do with this. It makes me SO happy when you can use a quad for a day AND night look. It really helps justify the purchase of something you really don't need lol

(from top to bottom - Moshi Moshi! (F), Goody Goody Gum Drop (S), Boycrazy (L), Azuki Bean (F))

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* Moshi Moshi! (described on the MAC website as a pale white green gold) seems more like a Lustre to me... other than that the description is pretty spot on. It may look green in the pan, but when it goes on you can tell it's white and this CAN be used as a highlighter.

* Goody Goody Gum Drop (described on the MAC website as a light white pink). I don't know where the white comes from in that description, but I adore the name and the shade is the perfect pink.

* Boycrazy (described on the MAC website as a pale lavender with silver). Definately true. I dispise Lustres... but this one isn't so bad! It applied pretty well on the lid and blended nicely as well.

* Azuki Bean (described on the MAC website as a midtone dirty violet) is definately the quad front runner. It can be worn lightly for a sheer look or you can really dig in there and get some pigment out of it. Love this color to pieces.

Some packaging pics:

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The MAC CUTiE Quad is Limited Edition and retails for $36. As of this blog post it is still listed as available on