MAC Bubble Tea Plushglass

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The only Plushglass I picked up from the MAC Quite Cute collection was Bubble Tea. I thought 2 of the others were pretty (Fashion Fanatic and Girl "heart" Boy... can't get on board with the lilac of I "heart" You - though sheer that one was just NOT pretty in person).

Bubble Tea is described on the website as a creamy pale nude. I think that is pretty accurate, though I don't believe it's really THAT pale.

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I adore plushglass. They are pretty sheer... just a hint of color.... but they will ADD what you need to your lipstick and even worn alone they look pretty classy. They aren't as thick or as sticky as the regular lipglasses. They do have a tingle to them that lasts a bit. If you don't like DuWop Lip Venom it's likely you won't like how these feel on your lips.

bare lips

Bubble Tea lips

Arm swatch:

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Good, Lord, man sakes alive! Is Plushglass really $18.50?! Didn't it used to be the same price as the Lipglasses...? Though I love, Love, LOVE Plushglass, I don't think the $18.50 is worth it at ALL. If I would have known the price before I did this blog post, I probably wouldn't have bought it. You only get 0.14 fl. oz. where in lipglass you get 0.17 fl. oz for $14.50.... hrm

The MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses are Limited Edition but are all still available at