MAC Beauty Lipstick & Impossibly Sweet Lipglass Swatches and Review - Glamour Daze Holiday 2012

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Normally I do Lipstick and Lipglass products separately, but IMO these two products need each other, so they can share a post.

MAC Holiday 2012 brings us into our Glamour Daze! With five lipsticks and five lipglasses, there is sure to be a perfect lip combo in there for everyone. In this post, I'm going to show you Beauty Lipstick and Impossibly Sweet Lipglass alone as well as how well they react together!

Beauty Lipstick ($16.50)


Beauty(pale cool pink) truthfully isn't the most flattering of shades on me. The glaze finish made it not so easy to apply evenly and it just washed me out. It's milky looking and absolutely needs a layering friend.


Impossibly Sweet Lipglass ($16.50)

Impossibly Sweet (sheer soft pink with multidimensional pearl) may look like it's holding it's own with shimmer in the tube, but it doesn't translate so well onto the lip. Which is a good or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. When worn alone, it basically just looks clear.


When Beauty Lipstick and Impossibly Sweet Lipglass are worn together they compliment each other so well that it makes the combo drool-worthy. A bit more of the shimmer from the lipglass is noticeable when applied over the lipstick and the lipglass neutralizes the milkiness of the lipstick, making it wearable to most.

For more information on this collection, please see the Official Press Release.


Purchase these and other items from the MAC Glamour Daze Collection at your local MAC counter (try Nordstrom) or store, as well as at Both of the items featured in this post are limited edition.