MAC 6 Snowglobe Eye Shadows SULTRY Palette Swatches and Review - Ice Parade Holiday 2011

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I've had the MAC Snowglobe Eye Shadows Palette in Sultry since Christmas Day. I was pretty disappointed in it, so I took some time and tried to find ways to work with it, love it, and show you an EOTD using the palette. I failed you big time on this one.

What the MAC Website has to say about the MAC Sultry 6 Snowglobe Eye Shadows Palette:

Our snowglobe-inspired eye compact of 6 Eye Shadows is choreographed for drama! Smoky blacks and two sultry plums score points. Plus, 2 fabulous highlights to add that glamour pop! Limited edition.

(Lightfully, Fun!, Black Tied, Trax, Festive Delight, Shadowy Lady)


The Sultry Palette is a mix of deep purple and plum tones matched with a pink, peach, and black. Beautiful to look at. This is unfortunately the saddest palette I've ever owned from MAC. I'm pretty disappointed in color pay off on ALL of the shades. They were near impossible to swatch and not all that fab to use. I had to really DIG to get color on my arm, which was surprising because on my finger it looked okay. Using them was a mess, I can't even go there. Basically these are a mash of mostly Lustre and Velvet finishes, and are likely going to be better when used wet... but for a palette that I would consider for travel because of size that just wouldn't work.

Lightfully is the first swatch on the left and you can't even see it. Don't adjust your screens, you can't see it in real life either. The quality of this palette is just poor, which is a shame because I loved the Cool Palette from this same collection.

The MAC Snowglobe Eye Shadows Palette retails for $38.00. I am unsure if you can still purchase this at counters, but it will likely hit CCO's for a much cheaper price within the next few months.