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And so begins my foray into the MAC Semi-Precious Collection. I didn't buy the WHOLE collection... I seriously think DH would divorce me if I started to do that.... but I did grab most of the MSF's, all of the Blushes, one Brush, one eye shadow, and 2 of the lip products. I actually wanted a few more of the shadows.. but I could pass. I'll do a run down of my thoughts at the end of all of my posts, because I did get a chance to play with everything yesterday at the mall.

For now, this post will be about the MAC 234 Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush, which was released with the July 2011 Semi-Precious Collection.

From the website:

Specifically designed to deliver two unique results for eyes; the natural goat hair in this split fibre picks up & applies powders & pigments, while the synthetic fibres blend colour for professional quality results.

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All of the brushes FEEL amazing. I love a new brush for the softness and just overall prettiness. After seeing them in person I wanted to take them all home with me.

Alas, I felt that the 234 would get the most use. I really don't feel that the goat hair side is firm enough to save you from fall out when using with a pigment, or even a soft shadow. It's definitely usable, but beware of shadow dusties. It's a time-saver, because you can apply and blend with the same blush you don't have to switch off, or wash multiple brushes. Which I loveeee because I absolutely HATE washing brushes.

Out of all of the brushes launched with Semi-Precious, I feel that the 234 is going to be the most popular and most used. The others have their qualities as well, but for the general makeup user, this one is your ticket.

The MAC 234 Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush is currently available for $22.50 at, as well as at your local MAC Stores & Counters (like Nordstrom, which is doing their Anniversary Sale!) Call to check on availability.