LUSH 2012 Holiday Treats to Delight Everyone on Your List

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For Holiday LUSH always knows how to do it up right. You can't help but look upon their amazing limited edition items and get into a festive spirit.

There are a wide selection of gift sets and delectable goodies, so I'm really excited to share four of my favorites with you today!

Golden Wonder


Golden Wonder($6.95 for 7.8oz) is without a doubt the coolest thing you're going to see this holiday season. This gift isn't something you unwrap, but once you drop it in the bathtub magic will happen. Different colors will shoot out with a surprise ending that you won't want to miss. This bath bomb smells AMAZING and I really need to buy about 35 of them because I always want this to be in my bath tub. It's so fun to watch the colors and smell the luscious scents of sweet orange, cognac and lime oils. The champagne-inspired scent can also be found in the popular Snow Showers fragrance.


Mr. Punch

Mr. Punch($6.95 for 3.5oz) actually has booze in it... but don't eat it or drink it... this gin is for toning your bod! The mixture of juniper berry oil, blackcurrant absolute and lime oil join the gin to moisturize you skin and make you smell scrumptious. While this soap didn't lather up it does go on smoothly and you won't even be able to handle how yum it makes the bathroom and your skin smell.


Sandy Santa

Sandy Santa ($5.95 for 3.6oz) is here to exfoliate and make you smell nice (and maybe naughty!). This sugar scrub has scents of orange, rosewood and sandalwood oils that also tone and soften skin. This scrub felt great to use and made my skin soft after showering. You can feel that it exfoliates, but it's not harsh or hurtful.


Midnight Massage

Midnight Massage ($9.95 for 2.8oz) is the perfect gift for couples who want to feel sensual this holiday. It has a yummy mix of the forbidden fruits fig, quince and carob, as well as LUSH perfumer Simon's special "Jasmine Revolution" perfume. As divine as this smells it feels even better on the skin. And I can't get over how fun the design is. It's the perfect gift for someone you love - wrap it up with a "personal massage by you" certificate!


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