L'Oreal SULTRY RAVEN'S POUT 785 Lipstick Swatches, Review - Project Runway

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My Ulta released the L'Oreal Project Runway Collection yesterday (October 2) and I made sure to be there when they opened. I still needed a few more pieces and of course L'Oreal was buy one get one half off AND I had $5 off a $10 purchase AND there was a $1 off L'Oreal coupon in the coupon insert this week! SCORE! (Normally I'm pretty lame when it comes to finding deals so this got me super excited lol)

I ended up bringing home another quad, a blush, and a lipstick in Sultry Raven's Pout. I wanted to be sure to pick up a neutral lipstick and blush to match both quads I chose, so that I could do a FOTD for you later ;)

To start this off, I bring you L'Oreal Sultry Raven's Pout Lipstick!

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swatched once lightly, layered heavily

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Sultry Raven's Pout is a beautifully glossy neutral pink. It is nicely moisturizing and coats well. The wear was a few hours, sans eating and drinking. This is my first L'Oreal lipstick purchase in over 10 years, so I'm quite pleased with the formula and impressed with this drugstore brand! The shade and formula make me think this is what would produce if MAC Naked Bliss Mattene and MAC Patisserie lipsticks had a baby.

L'Oreal Project Runway Lipsticks retail for $8.99. They should be available pretty much everywhere L'Oreal is sold this month. Keep your eyes peeled and grab it if you can. There is not much room on the display for product, and this collection is Limited Edition!