L'Oreal OWL'S NIGHT 290 Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Project Runway

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The second polish I purchased from the L'Oreal Project Runway line is called Owl's Night 290. (Check out Amazon's Flash here!)

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Owl's Night is a beauteous deep brown base with a TON of gold flashy glitter PACKED in there. The pigment is amazing and this is hands down one of my new favorite nail polishes.

It applied like a dream and only needed TWO coats! Owl's Night reminded me of Dior Czarina Gold, much like the L'Oreal Watchful Owl's Gaze Quad reminded me of the Dior Five Golds 5-Couleur! Look for a polish comparison post very soon!

The L'Oreal Project Runway Nail Polishes are available in October 2011 for a limited time at local drugstore retailers as well as Ulta. (I happened to find the display already out at one Walgreen's location, but everywhere else I went had no idea what I was talking about yet lol)