L'Oreal GORGEOUS GOLD Nail Polish Swatches & Review - Summer 2012

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Two drugstore nail polishes from L'Oreal have really caught my eye this Summer. Gorgeous Gold 168 and Silver Sparkle 162 (to be reviewed) Nail Color.

For this post, I wanted to feature Gorgeous Gold first, because it's Summer, Golds are awesome-sauce, and... have you seen it? Plus I think it'll match my outfit for Thursday and I needed to give it a test run lol

(outside, with flash, no sun)


(outside, in sun, no flash)


(outside, no sun, no flash)


Gorgeous Gold has a antique golden frost base with golden and olive shimmer as well as gold hex glitters throughout. The polish isn't ridiculously top coat hungry, but does feel slightly gritty even after a top coat. The end result is divine, though, and a Summer must-have!


Two coats were used in the swatch photo, so the base has good coverage. Be sure to use a top coat as well, this polish is very dull without it!

I've seen this collection at Rite-Aid for awhile now (I've had this polish in my swatch box since before I went to Disney!) - always on the bottom of a display at the entrance, so make sure you're looking low! The retail on the Nail Color is $5.99 but usually you can find a buy one get one half off somewhere!