L'Oreal AUDACIOUS AMAZON'S BLUSH Super Blendable Blush Swatches and Review - Project Runway

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Yes! I have more L'Oreal Project Runway for you!! I had hoped to post these sooner, but with my sons birthday and Halloween it just hasn't happened. So, for today, I bring you L'Oreal Audacious Amazon's Super Blendable Blush 625.

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I actually got Audacious Amazon's Blush to apply on my cheeks much better than I anticipated based off of the blended out swatch on my arm (right swatch). I expected this soft golden bronze to really need to be layered to get any sort of pigment, but in fact I only had to apply 2 times to achieve the color I was after. As with the other two blushes I've swatches and reviewed, this blush blends like a dream and applies better than most other blushes that are WAY more expensive.

The L'Oreal Project Runway Blushes retail for $9.99. They should be available pretty much everywhere L'Oreal is sold this month. Keep your eyes peeled and grab it if you can. There is not much room on the display for product, and this collection is Limited Edition! (I've been checking my Rite-Aid every time I go in and they are not sold out of anything except a few of the polishes, however they have them down SUPER LOW and you have to LOOK for them. My CVS still doesn't have this so I don't imagine they'll be getting it. Has anyone seen this collection at CVS?)