Look 1 - Featuring Bender, Sin, and Baked Eye Shadows - Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

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This is my first look using the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV. I'm not a huge fan of this combo. It looked better in my head, hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway!

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For this EOTD I used the original Urban Decay Primer Potion and (from the Book of Shadows IV) applied Sin all over the lid and up through the crease. Next, I applied Bender heavily into the crease. Then, I took Baked and applied it like an eyeliner on the lid. For a waterline eyeliner I used Urban Decay Baked 24/7 Eye Pencil. I used the Urban Decay Super Curl Mascara that came with BOS4 to finish the look.

If you have any color combo requests please let me know, and I'll definitely try to accommodate your requests! Even if the combo ends up working out I'll still post it, and then at least we'll know what not to do lol