L'Essence De Boshea Hand Cream Review

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With all of the Fall cosmetic collections hitting websites and counters, we've all started to think about the colder weather. Whether you welcome a break from the heat or are sad to see it go, you'll want to keep your hands silky and protected from the harsher weather. Can't hurt to start now!

L'Essence De Boshea has a hand cream that will get the job done and encourage you to be "green". With packaging that is recyclable and a product that is 100% cruelty-free using high quality ingredients, you're sure to be a fan!

This hand cream not only smells AMAZING but is thick and moisturizing, without being super greasy. After just a days use I've noticed my hands have a softer look & feel.


PSA - Watch how much of this you're using. If you feel like you have squeezed out a little bit too much, don't just keep rubbing on your hands, go up your arms or use on your elbows instead. I noticed the lotion pooled at my palms and I could see it settling into the lines (and I only used the amount you see in the above pic! A little goes a VERY long way).

L'Essence De Boshea Hand Cream is available for purchase on their website, at Amazon, and at select Costco for $16.99.