Le Metier de Beaute MYSTIQUE, CORAL NYMPH, and GINGER LILY Creme Fresh Tint for Lip and Cheek Swatches and Review

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The Perfect Color Pick-Me-Up: New Shades of Creme Fresh Tints
From Le Metier de Beaute

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NEW YORK, September 2011 - Le Metier de Beaute ushers in Fall with three new shades of our beloved Creme Fresh Tints for Lips/Cheeks. A must-have for Fall and winter weather, Creme Fresh Tint's luxurious hydrating formula instantly imparts a radiant glow to the lips and/or cheeks. The look is dewy and polished - a "just stepped in from the cold" flush.

New shades include:
* Mystique - a beautiful lilac pink
* Coral Nymph - a lovely light peach
* Ginger Lily - a nude, warmer peach (a great pairing with Nudite Lip Liner and Dubai Gloss)

Existing shades are:
* Tenne - a deeper, bronzed neutral
* Poppy - a flushed pink

Smoothed over makeup or applied nude, like a traditional powder blush, this creme based tint goes on soft, enhancing the natural vitality of cheeks and lips with a natural looking, glitter-free effervescence. The superior formula, designed to evaporate on the skin, leaves no silicone residue, creating the effect of a true, natural blush or just bitten lips. Water-resistant for use as a natural lip stain or for a brilliant shine.

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Top Row L-R:

Mystique, Coral Nymph


Bottom Row:

Ginger Lily


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(L-R: Mystique, Coral Nymph, Ginger Lily)


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Mystique is a lavender tinged bubble gum color that may look like no one could wear it, but when sheered out it's a lovely pale shade of pink that is perfect for cool toned skin.


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Coral Nymph is one of my favorite colors to wear on my face, apricot! It's perfect for warm toned makeup lovers. One thing to watch with this one, it might of just been my particular pot BUT the consistency of this shade was a lot softer. Mystique and Ginger Lily are more solid, so you really can rub your finger on the color... Coral Nymph is super soft and I got WAY too much product. Tread softly, less is more!


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Ginger Lily is the perfect rosy nude shade to wear for every and any occasion. I actually had purchased this one previously and reviewed it and it's been total love since. Click here for my original post on Ginger Lily.

All of the Creme Fresh Tints give just the right amount of color and have excellent staying power. They are not sticky in the least and the most blendable of any creme blush I've ever tried. I prefer to apply these with my fingers, rather than a brush because it seems to blend a bit more seamlessly and quickly!

One of my favorite combos lately has been to use Ginger Lily and then put Whisper Powder Rouge on top.

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tints retail for $28.00 each and are available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

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