Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set Review

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Recently the opportunity presented itself for me and a plus one to head to a local Neiman Marcus counter and have the chance to test and review the new Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set.


One problem. My closest Neiman Marcus is around 4 hours away. However.....

My closest Neiman Marcus is also only about 5 minutes from my Uncle's house. AND it was the same weekend as my cousins Senior Night Football Game. Score! Travel plans made! I scooped up my Grandma and my step-sister (and plus one for the treatment) and we made the journey to Virginia (I will do a separate post later about the trip, because not only did my awesome cousin and his team WIN their game, but I met some of Virginia & Maryland's finest bloggers!).

First off, this was my inaugural entry into a Neiman Marcus. There has never been one in this area, so needless to say, excitement soared the minute we pulled up.

Walking in we were directed to the Le Metier de Beaute area where we met Lisa. Lisa is adorable! I want to put her in my pocket and carry her with me everywhere because she is SO positive and sweet.


Right away Lisa got to work on applying the Pro-Peel and then the Mask Set. As she worked she explained (very knowledgeably, I might add) about the product and the process and what it works to achieve (which you can read about below).

What the Neiman Marcus website has to say about the Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set:

Ready. Set. Glow! There's no better accessory than healthy, beautiful, glowing skin, and now you can achieve professional, spa-like results in the privacy of your own home with Le Metier de Beaute's CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set.

CHEM60 Pro-Peel, with a proprietary blend of salicylic and glycolic acids, gently penetrates the skin's surface and desquamates dead skin cells to reveal younger-looking skin in as little as 60 seconds.

  • Diminishes look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Increases hydration and reveals smoother-looking skin.
  • Appropriate for all skin types and tones.
  • Apply for 60 seconds and up to 5 minutes.
  • Use up to three times a week.

GLOW10ai Mask infuses skin with an unprecedented concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and hydrators to help skin renew and rebuild, while strengthening skin's overall appearance.

  • A sophisticated blend of moisturizers helps renew the appearance of damaged, dull-looking skin
  • The appearance of hyperpigmentation is noticeably lessened and improved
  • Irritation and redness caused by chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments are visibly diminished.
  • Suppleness and smoothness are greatly restored, resulting in a fresh, hydrated surface.


  • To begin, turn the CHEM60 Pro-Peel nozzle to the "on" position and gentle squeeze the tube to dispense a small amount into brush applicator.
  • Apply a thin layer over the entire face, avoiding the delicate eye area and hairline.
  • Turn the Chem60 Pro-Peel applicator to the "off" position to avoid leakage.
  • Wait 60 seconds and remove by gently splashing face with tepid water or a damp washcloth.

For a deeper desquamation result: Leave on for up to five minutes, then gently pat dry.

Immediately following the Chem60 Pro-Peel:

  • Apply a thick layer of Glow10ai Mask, with the enclosed applicator, avoiding delicate eye area, eyebrows and hairline.
  • Let dry, approximately 5-15* minutes.
  • Peel off to reveal energized, hydrated, glowing skin.

Apply up to 2-3 times per week.

*Dry time will vary according to thickness of application.

Skin Types: Appropriate for most skin types.

The Result: CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set leaves skin feeling energized, hydrated and glowing.

Here are the before and after pictures of myself and also of my step-sister Dinessa as she went through the process. (Fair warning, don't judge a blogger by her bare face! AHHH! We are more naked without makeup than we are without clothes!).

My Before, During & After:

and some fun photos of me during the process:


Dinessa Before & After


During the process


The Mask almost looks like a paste! It feels nice and cool going on.


The results are much, much, MUCH more noticeable in person and the process of it all and the outcome is addicting. My skin felt SO GOOD all day. Normally my nose gets SUPER oily in the creases to the point where I can feel it if I touch my face... after this peel, even a few days later, that didn't happen. I want it again. Right.Now.


The price point is $265 for both the CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask, and you'll get about 2-3 uses out of it. Now, it says you can use it 2-3 times a week, but I personally would stick to once a week because my skin can lean towards being sensitive. I had no issues AT ALL with the product on my face or even after, but I wouldn't want to press my luck! If your skin isn't sensitive, you could probably have at it 3 times a week... omg imagine how amazing your skin will look!

If the cost is still making you blanch a little you could also keep it and use it for special occasions or events where you want you skin texture to glow and look amazing.

For fun, here are the after makeover looks!

You can pick up the Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set at Neiman Marcus for yourself at the end of the month =)


***This service was provided free of charge by Le Metier de Beaute for review purposes. All opinions are my own and, as always, are honest. This post also contains one or more affiliate links.