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I think we've all hit a point in our lives where we've used something that worked well but that needed improved. For Lash Sleeve Mascara founder Dawn that point came when she hit 30 and was sick of the dreaded raccoon eyes that a lot of mascaras bring on when you cry or chance running around town on a rainy day. Luckily for us, Dawn set out to create a mascara that wouldn't do any of that. Not until we say so.

When I first read the information on the Lash Sleeve Mascara I was a little hesitant to try it out. I am so not a fan of other mascaras that "tube" up and coat the eye lashes (like Blinc). However, upon first use of Lash Sleeve I knew this wasn't going to be anything like what I thought.

Lash Sleeve Mascara Review

The brush has a slight hourglass shape but isn't overly big so you won't have to worry about being too careful while applying. I was impressed that this mascara didn't clump or make my lashes look or feel dry or caked. It gave a nice curl and lift that lasted the day.

Lash Sleeve Mascara Swatches Review

No evil, flaky tubing to speak of. Win!

(eye look breakdown is here)

Lash Sleeve Mascara Swatches

You can purchase Lash Sleeve Mascara on their website for $15.00.