LAQA & CO Bossy Boots Fat Lip Pencil Swatches and Review

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Thick little lip pencils seem to be all the rage lately. One of the newest ones that has been brought to my attention is from LAQA & CO... the Fat Lip Pencil. Of course, the one I'm showing you has the BEST.NAME.EVER... Bossy Boots. I feel this should now be my daughters nickname... she's totally a Bossy Boots.

What the LAQA & CO website has to say about the Fat Lip Pencil:

This velvety gloss is a gorgeous deep red. Perfect for when you're bringing your A-game.

The smooth buttery texture coats lips in stunning, glossy color and comes in a handy jumbo pencil that needs no sharpener.

Packaging artwork created by Liam Brazier.

Bossy Boots is described as "a gorgeous deep red" but really comes off as a glossy strawberry shade.


The formula on this is AMAZING and the color glides on effortlessly. Wear time was your usual balm type of wear with just an hour or two. Re-application is easy, though, and the pencil twists up when you're running a little low. It also smells like mint, which is awesome, and has a cooling effect on the lips.

My only negative on this product is that it was gritty feeling for some reason. It almost felt like pieces of mint. It wasn't horrible, but in a perfect world I would rather it not have that. I also felt it was worth a mention because some of you might not be able to stand that feeling.

This lip pencil is also available in three other colors - Lambchop (hot pink), Wolfman (light pink), and Ring of Fire (hot red).

The LAQA & COFat Lip Pencil retails for $20.95. For a list of stockists please reference here. This product is also newly available on the Anthropologie website, where they retail for $20.00.