Lancome Color Design Eye Brightening All in One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette - Taupe Craze

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Man, what is with these brands and their long product names?! Luckily, the name has nothing to do with the quality, because this product is gorgeous.

I had seen swatches online and pics... thought... meh, looks pretty, just another palette. Whatevs. In person, there's no getting away. I wanted them ALL.

The palette I chose (sadly walking away from the others) was Taupe Craze. I'll always gravitate toward Taupe's first... am what I am. I needed something fun, yet adult, for DH's work VIP dinner at the Country Club. Taupe Craze fit the bill. (My second choice was Coral Crush, followed by Bronze Amour. Had I not just bought the MAC Valiant Quad I would have been all over Jade Envy.)

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The salesgirl said I got the LAST Taupe Craze. Phew!

I like how they idiot proofed this palette (and I say that with love!). Not only are the shadows labeled, BUT they include a booklet that gives you a step by step guide on what to do with the shades. I went by the booklet on the first use and it wasn't really to my liking, so I added the bottom liner shade to the crease and outer V for more definition and was pleased.

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Big Con. The fallout is immense. These shades are pigmented, but soft. They actually reminded me of MAC Pigments. You MUST use this palette before you do your face makeup so you can use a MAC Bulk Wipe or whatever to clean yourself up. I can see myself hitting pan on this one quickly because of the softness of the shadows as well as the fact that I'm using the crap out of it.

These palettes retail for $48. I bought this one at Macy's but they are selling out fast everywhere. If you see one (or two or three or four...) you like, snatch em up. Hopefully Lancome will continue to come out with palettes like this, as I'm not a fan of their regular quads (but am a LONG TIME - think since high school and I'm going to be 31 this year - user of their Dual Finish Powder).