Lancome Blush in Love - Pommettes d'Amour, Peache Joue-Joue Blush Swatches & Review - Spring 2013

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Lancome consistently impresses me with their face products. I'm a huge fan of their powders and blushes and am a long-time user of both! New for Spring 2013, Lancome is featuring a duo of Blush in Love - Pommettes d'Amour and Peache Joue-Joue Blush.

What the Nordstrom website says about Lancome Blush in Love:


A fresh, glowing blush to sculpt and brighten the complexion. Designed to suit every skin tone and available in two different harmonies.


Pommettes d'Amour swatches a pinked peach and a candy colored pink for a more pigmented pop of color than Peache Joue-Joue. Luckily, the color is buildable so it's wearable for a wide range of skin tones.


Peache Joue-Joue is the less pigmented of the two, but my favorite. It's a simple peach sheen that will be perfect for fairer skin tones. I layer the color a bit to get it to show up more on my own skin, but it just looks very soft and natural. Perfect to reach for every day.


The blushes were both lovely and soft. The iridescence on the roses is just an over-spray, so that's gone after one use. For the price the compacts are kind of chintzy with the pink cardboard... but the mirror is removable so you can keep it after the blush is finished.


Both blushes are limited edition to the Lancome in Love Collection.

Lancome Blush in Love retails for $49.00 and is available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Bloomingdale's and on the Lancome website.