L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil Photos & Review

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Ever wonder why Scandinavians are so beautiful? Their skincare! Native Lea A.C. Fulton has created L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil to save dry faces worldwide and enrich everyone with radiant and glowing skin using key ingredients like the Scandinavian Lingonberry, the Brazilian Açai Berry and the Raspberry.

Not only is this oil said to save your skin from feeling painful and dry, it's also great as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory product.

I'm always nervous to try out new skincare, since my skin is finally under a decent amount of control... but on the L.A. Christine website, Lea's bio stated she had sensitive skin. At first I tested this just on one area of my face. Normally after a few days I'll have a reaction, but with this... nada. I now put this on my face every night in place of my night cream and my skin looks almost supple! That's right, I said I'm in my 30's and my skin is supple, y'all!


L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil says "face" but it can also be used on the hair, body, hands and feet - my favorite place being, surprisingly, my feet! I love it so much I put it on morning and night and my feet have never looked smoother. Who'd have thought?! Just pop it anywhere that's dry... elbows, knees.... anywhere scaly and nasty! Win!

L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil retails for $78.00 and can be found on their website.